Visit the museum Pierre Merlier close to the B&B

Pierre Merlier, born on 14 October 1931 in Toutry (Côte-d’Or) and died on 25 July 2017 in Auxerre (Yonne), was a French sculptor and painter.

He lived in the Yonne and created all his work between Auxerre and Escolives. He devoted himself mainly to figurative sculpture. His characters, in polychrome wood, are singular, out of the ordinary; they are sometimes caricatures of existing personalities. In parallel with his woodwork, he makes a few bronzes and is also interested in working with clay. In 2012, he gradually abandoned the tools of the sculptor to devote himself to painting in connection with his sculpted work.

museum Pierre Merlier

He presents his works in numerous individual or collective exhibitions and participates in various international shows. Some of his monumental works adorn major French cities, others are kept in museums or foundations throughout the world. His abundant work reflects a fantastic modernity.

The museum Pierre Merlier,is at just over a 40 min drive from our B&B

Check out the calender if you want to come over

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