Visit Ratilly Castle (or Château de Ratilly) at only 20 min

The impressive facade of Ratilly castle suddenly appears at the end of a dirt track, at the edge of the woods.
A true medieval fortress built on 11th century foundations, its construction was completed in the 13th century, then partly transformed during the Renaissance.

In 1951, Jeanne and Norbert Pierlot set up their pottery workshop and made Ratilly one of the very first private art centres in France, a place for artistic exchange and expression.

Today, the Pierlot family, supported by the Friends of Ratilly association, continues to organise courses, concerts, exhibitions and film screenings.
A wing of the castle is still dedicated to the production and sale of Ratilly stoneware.

chateau de Ratilly castle

History of the Ratilly castle

During the Hundred Years’ War, between 1357 and 1380, Ratilly was in the hands of Lord Guy de Vallery, who maintained a band of Breton adventurers who pillaged the region – the priory of Moutiers was burnt down, for example.

In 1485, Chevalier Jean de Chandiou was “lord of Treigny en Ratilly”. On his death in 1520, his daughter Anne married Jean de la Menue, of Bourbonnais origin.

In 1567, it was the beginning of the Wars of Religion; the Huguenots seized Ratilly and made it their stronghold in the Auxerrois. They committed “pillage, robbery, murder and plunder” in the region.

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