Travel to Nievre, Burgundy, find these hidden gems.

A department in the central region of France, Nievre, was created during the French revolution. It is a rural area with a low population, which makes it ideal for tourism. You can visit it to experience the authentic French vibe.

What to see in Nievre, Burgundy

There are several tourist sites that you can visit here in Nievre. From historically significant places to newly established regions, Nievre has a lot to offer. The following are just a few of the top tourist destinations that you should not miss.

Ducal palace in Nievre Burgundy
Photo credit: Traditionalist

Ducal Palace

This is an old palace constructed during the renaissance period of France. The tour to this place would take you back to history, and you would be able to enjoy the old touch that this palace gives to the whole department. Its magnificent structure is undoubtedly going to leave you amazed.

canal du Nivernais in Nievre
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Cruise the Canal du Nivernais

Canal du Nivernais constantly ranks as one of the best kept-secrets of Nievre. The canal today is used for recreational craft but offer plenty of boat-hiring options. Cruising here is truly an amazing way to explore Nievre. The cruise starts in Auxerre and take you through the stunning hamlets, villages and hundreds of years old vineyards.

Photo credit: Nievre Tourism

Château de Villemolin

Château de Villemolin is a beautiful castle that is converted into a house. The castle was built in the 14th century and remodeled in the 17th and 19th centuries. It was owned by La Corcelle family and has always been passed down by inheritance. If you look at the castle from far away, it looks like a horseshow with three towers surrounded by centuries old buildings.

Restaurants to Visit

Your budge is the most important thing when choosing a restaurant to eat in. We have listed the most affordable places you can eat in and enjoy the true French style of cooking for your ease. Some of these might be close to Nievre, so you can easily reach them too.

Creperie in Nevers capital of Nievre
Photo credit: Creperie Le Goemon

Creperie Le Goemon

Another great choice for you is the Creperie Le Goemon. It offers French cuisine and serves lunches and dinners. One of the best things about this restaurant is its vegetarian-friendly diet, which allows people not to compromise their values. You would experience the taste of France while also being kind to your pockets.

Photo credit: La Simplicité

La Simplicité

If you are interested in trying out France’s local food, you should pay a visit to this place. It brings vegetarian-friendly food to the table and has some amazing variety. The cuisines presented here are French and European, both of which are made with absolute care. In case you are late for dinner, you can still visit this place as it offers late-night meals as well. You would not be disappointed by the service of this restaurant.

Getting Around

Well, to get around this department, you can rent a car. You can pick up these cars easily after declaring the number of passengers that would be sitting inside. These cars are available from 10 AM onwards and can be used to explore the place at your own pace.

You’re welcome to book your room in our B&B and enjoy this part of France.

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