Sweets from Nievre, buy and take some back home!

With your basket under your arm, come and visit the markets of the Nièvre to meet local producers. Wines, cheeses, pastries, honey, Charolais meat, everything you need to prepare a delicious meal with fresh produce!
Are you looking for a sweet souvenir to bring back from your stay in the Nièvre? Whether they are made of chocolate, sugar or nougatine, the confectionery of the Nièvre will delight young and old! All you have to do is choose between the Négus, the Pavé de la Route Bleue or the nougatine of Nevers…

The Negus, a mythical sweet

Created in 1900, this candy owes its name to the prestigious visit of an emperor on an official visit to Nevers in 1902: the Emperor of Etiopia nicknamed “The Nega”. It was a real success and has remained so ever since.

sweets from Nievre

A history of tradition

The Negus is a soft chocolate caramel coated in cooked sugar. Why this name? The candy was created in 1902 by Maison Grelier following the official visit to Nevers of the sovereign of Ethiopia: the Nega.

Indeed, it was a tradition to create a new candy at the end of each year, named after an event or an important event that had taken place during the year. The visit of the sovereign was timely.

Our advice: let it melt in your mouth to discover all its flavours and to make the pleasure last!

“Charitois” and “Charitoise”, the delicacies of La Charité!

For those with a sweet tooth and for all locavores, you will find two tasty sweets in La Charité-sur-Loire to sink your teeth into! You will melt with happiness…

It was in 1921 that the most crunchy of sweets was born. A purely local product since it was named “Charitois”.

Its secret to make us all melt? A soft caramel made with Charentes butter, flavoured with chocolate or coffee, dipped in a bath of barely caramelised sugar.

In 1988, the family grew. The little sister of the Charitois was born. It was called “la charitoise”! This hazelnut praline, also dipped in a sugar bath, once again made everyone’s heart beat faster.

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