Sancerre, another great wine from this region

The white Sancerre wines are the jewels among the sauvignon blanc wines. A wine that can be found in restaurants all over the world. Originates from a small but special area around the town of Sancerre in the French Loire region. But what exactly is a this wine and what makes it so special?

Sancerre white wines are made from the very popular Sauvignon Blanc grape. The protected area of origin where these Sauvignon Blanc vines are located makes this wine so special. Sancerre is located right in the east of the Loire region about 200 km south of Paris, so if you are in the area, drive a little further!

Sancerre wine

By the way, the Loire area is much larger than the relatively small Sancerre area. It runs from the Atlantic coast to the very centre of France. Because the area is so widespread, every wine region in the Loire has a different microclimate. There are three types of soil in this region. These differences in soil are all responsible for slight taste differences in the wine:

  • White clay with a high lime content produces wines with more body and spirit.
  • A soil covered with pebbles produces lighter wines
  • Soil with flint gives wines a mineral flavour.

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