Noyers, beautiful medieval town in the Serein valley in Burgundy

North of the Avallonnais, Noyers-sur-Serein has some nice surprises in store. From timber framed houses to sculpted columns, from wisteria to medieval arches… This charming little town is nestled in a meander of the Serein. Behind its tall gates, you will discover the picturesque little squares of one of the most beautiful villages in France.

From the 13th century, the castle of Noyers-sur-Serein was one of the most powerful bastions of the kingdom: the Noyers family defied the siege of Blanche de Castille.

300 steps towards the castle of Noyers
300 steps castle Noyers


In 1346, Marshal Mile de Noyers led the French cavalry to the Battle of Crécy. After the extermination of the famous family, Noyers-sur-Serein became a Huguenot place. The town flourished again under the Dukes of Luynes.

Throughout its turbulent history, Noyers-sur-Serein remains a wine town: many cellar entrances lead directly into the street! Did you know? On Ascension Day, the winegrowers go to the Tonnerre gate and decorate the statue of the Virgin and Child, their patron saint.


As the beautiful square of the Marché-au-blé (corn market) reminds us, Noyers-sur-Serein was also an agricultural town. Its name is derived from the word nux: nut. The whole town gives an impression of a farming town that is quite prosperous.

During your walks, a new surprise lurks behind every corner! Here, a sculpted face grins at you from a spire. There, a door ajar, letting out the pleasant murmur of a tavern….

And do you see the last remaining roofs of the washing places? These flat limestones, too heavy to be transported, have almost disappeared in favour of the roof tile, despite their long life span (more than 200 years).


Every autumn, the famous Burgundy truffle market is held under the arches of Noyers-sur-Serein. In the centre of the village, market vendors offer their pottery and regional products.

Stay on the culinary tour! A trip to the valley of the Serein leads you to the wine village Poilly-sur-Serein, in the middle of the Chablis wine region.

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