Nevers, capital of Nievre, department in France


Nevers is a beautiful city in the department Nièvre and is located in the region Burgundy. Nevers The city is located on the river Loire and is known for its beautiful historical centre. There is a lot to see and do in this town!

History of Nevers

This beautiful city has a rich history that goes back to the heydays of the Roman Empire. When the soldiers of Julius Caesar conquered this area, there was already a settlement at this location. This settlement was known as Noviodunum Aeduorum. Throughout the centuries, many traces have been found from this period, from pots to Roman coins. In the fifth century, Nevers became a bishop’s seat. The city gained a lot of prestige and became known for its pottery industry. In the eleventh century, the construction of the Romanesque church of Saint-Étienne was started. The construction of this beautiful church lasted until the sixteenth century. The fact that the town was one of the most important towns in this region for centuries is shown by the remains of its fortifications. Throughout the centuries, this lovely place has largely kept its original character.

Nevers, capital of Nievre France

Nevers today

Today, a visit to this beautiful city is definitely worthwhile when you are on holiday in the department of Nièvre or elsewhere in the Burgundy region. In the historical city centre, you can stroll and enjoy the many beautiful historical buildings and streets. There are also many nice shops and restaurants. Your visit to this beautiful city is not complete without having seen the Palais ducal de Nevers. This palace of the dukes is known as one of the most beautiful buildings in this city. The cathedral and the beautiful church of Saint-Étienne are also worth a visit!


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