Have some Fresh daily bread (or pain) as our guests

One of the many great things in France is the daily fresh made bread. Croissants, baguettes or any other sorts smell and taste very good. But what do you do as B&B in the country and the nearest shop and bakery is 5 km away?

The local baker (boulanger) found a solution for the people here in Chateau du Bois,
and 3 times a week he delivers fresh bakings at your doorstep.

local baker for your fresh bread
local baker

You simply hang a big sac at your door, put in some money and tell him what you want next time. So once you started this schedule you’ll have fresh baguettes etc and so we can offer it to our guests at their breakfast!

Want to experience a good time in the French countryside? You’re welcome!

For the French, good bread is important. It has been around for a long time, long before the egyptians wore their molars on bread made of poorly ground flour with gravel and pebbles. The French bakers (boulangerie) bake many kinds. The daily quantity of bread is about 300 grams per capita.

croissants most famous French bread
fresh croissants, can you smell them?

French bread comes in many varieties, but one thing they all have in common is that most of them are fresh. Some French people use the old bakings the day after and soak it at breakfast in a big ball of coffee, and the children take a big ball of chocolate milk instead… also with that old bread. Smart thinking, isn’t it? The modern Frenchman is a bit smarter and just gets fresh bread for breakfast in the morning, and the kids do it with cornflakes and all that.

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