Discover Pouilly Fumé in a nice setting along the Loire

Visit La Tour du Pouillly Fumé, a wine tourism centre located in the heart of the village of Pouilly-sur-Loire, and discover an inventive and sensory scenography that will help you to better understand the wine, the work of the winegrowers and the Pouilly Fumé and Pouilly sur Loire appellations.

Listen to

Because behind the wine, there are the people who make it, we suggest you sit around the large table in the cellar and listen to the Pouilly winegrowers tell you the story of their more than thousand year old vineyard.


Discover the hillsides through the seasons and the landscapes in perpetual metamorphosis; then accompany the winegrowers in their work from Saint Vincent’s day to the harvest. Feel the freshness of the winter mists or the heat of the summer, watch a vine grow, smell the wet earth after a storm.


Discover the mystery of wine making, from the arrival of the grapes in the cellar to the bottling. The winemakers speak with passion and share some of their secrets with you…

pouilly fume
taste the Pouilly Fumé


In a beautiful vaulted cellar, discover the ten aromatic families of Pouilly white wines. In each retort, the aromas are only re-created from natural products. A magical moment!
The Cave aux Arômes is a creation of the Bureau Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bourgogne.

Taste Pouilly Fumé

At the end of the visit, enjoy a commented tasting of four wines and put your new knowledge into practice. The selected wines allow you to clearly perceive the difference between Pouilly sur Loire and Pouilly Fumé and the influence of the terroirs on the aromatic and gustatory expression.
You can of course find the wines proposed for tasting in our shop! You might buy a bottle and drink it on the terrace in our garden ……………..

This tour is available at ca 30 min drive from our B&B, we can make the reservation and even drive you there, if you like .

Have a look at the calender and see if there’s a room available!

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