Bed and breakfast Nievre Burgundy

Relax and sit back in our bed and breakfast in the French countryside.
The B&B is situated 50 km south of Auxerre, the capital of Chablis, in the region Burgundy France Comté, near the border Yonne and Nievre. The village Entrains-sur-Nohain has a “suburb” (or hameau) that’s called Chateau du bois where you can find our B&B, so it’s a little outside the village itself.
Ideal when you are in transit, you’re welcome!

Famed the world over for its wines, Burgundy  is one of the great historic regions of France; indeed, in the Middle Ages, Burgundy was the great dukedom which rivalled in power and prestige with the kingdom of France itself. In those days it covered a large part of central eastern France, including half of modern-day Switzerland.

This part of Burgundy is west of the Morvan en close to the river Loire, where you may find some very nice vineyards and huge fields with sunflowers.

To make a reservation, find the calendar here; our bed and breakfast is open all year round.

You may contact us in English, Dutch, German or French.
Wij spreken Nederlands
We speak English
Wir sprechen Deutsch
On parle Francais.
The house and properties are a non-smoking area.

We’ll answer as soon as possible. You may also find us at Facebook where you also can get in touch.

Hope to see you soon in this beautiful part of France.

Chambre d’hôtes Nievre

Détendez-vous et installez-vous dans notre chambre d’hôtes à la campagne française.
La chambre d’hôtes est située à 50 km au sud d’Auxerre, la capitale de Chablis, dans la région Bourgogne France Comté, près de la frontière de l’Yonne et de la Nièvre. Le village d’Entrains-sur-Nohain possède un “faubourg” (ou hameau) appelé Château du bois où se trouve notre chambre d’hôtes, donc un peu en dehors du village lui-même.
Idéal lorsque vous êtes en transit, vous êtes les bienvenus !